What we teach?

  We put a great deal of thought in choosing the skills we teach our students – Public Speaking, Critical thinking skills, SAT prep, Research Methods, Coding, and App Design. Computer science is a foundation for every student. That’s why we’re introducing Coding & App design to these critical 21st century skills.

Critical Thinking Club

Critical Thinking teaches students to think logically, present well-developed arguments, and see through unsupported arguments.It teaches students to use organized analysis instead of guesswork to solve problems as it develops critical thinking skills necessary for success in reading, math, writing, and science. Students learn to identify valid and invalid claims and arguments, sufficient and insufficient evidence, fact and opinion, generalizations, emotional arguments, inferences, deductions,
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Test Prep Club

Test Prep club focus on long term and short term coaching. Most of our students start from Grade 7 for long term SAT test prep. Our coaches are trained with test prep analytics tools to get in-depth reports about student strengths and weakness of the subject topic. This will help the coaches to re-teach the concepts.  Students will work online practice tests and quizzes.
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